Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find basic information about general door maintenance?

Click Here to view our General Door Maintenance Guide.

Where can I purchase parts for my doors?

If you are in need of parts for your door please contact our Parts Coordinator, Kari Symons. Her email is and her phone number is 574-773-8163.

Interested in joining the Challenger Door team?

Click here to download a copy of Employment Application.  Feel free to stop by the office and drop off your application!

What does each item listed on the Door Label mean?

Click here for our guide on our Door Labels

Where can I find out more information on Challenger’s Warranty Program?

Click here download our Limited Warranty Form.  The form includes instructions on how to submit a claim.  

Where can I submit a change for the website?

Please click here to submit a change for the website.

When is the Challenger Door office open?

Business Hours are 7:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday.

What is the Rout-Out Program?

Challenger Door’s Rout-Out Program is great for your company’s bottom line and even better for the environment. The Rout-Out Program allows the customer to recycle the routed out material from the sidewalls of their units. After neatly stacking the route outs on a pallet, Challenger Door will pick them up and use the route out material to make doors for the respective customer. By supplying some of the materials required to make the door, the customer could see a discount in the overall price of the door. However, the greatest benefit of the Rout-Out Program is that it keeps tons and tons of waste from going directly to the landfill.

Click here to learn more.

Where is Challenger Door Located?

Click the map for a larger, interactive map.