3000 Series

Our 3000 Series line used for Class A RVs.
Available Options:
  • Mill or Powder Coated Extrusions Available
  • Square or Angled Doors
  • Hinge Side
    • Left-hand Hinge
    • Right-hand Hinge
  • Window Standard (Top Half, Tinted)
  • Window Options
    • Additional Window Mounted on Bottom Half
    • Peep Hole
    • No Window
  • Screen Door Options
    • With or Without Glass Slider
  • Latch Options
    • FMVSS with Deadbolt
    • Extra Deadbolt
    • Keyless Entry
  • Air Solenoid*
  • Exterior Materials
    • High-gloss, standard
    • Metal
    • Fiberglass
  • Interior Materials
    • Naugahyde
    • Fiberglass
    • Plain Lauan
    • Vinyl
  • Hidden Hinge Standard
  • Gas Strut at the Top of the Door
*Air solenoid is standard on angled doors; however it is optional on square doors.

3000 Series Specifications Sheet

Series 3000 Series
Application / Type ENT
Screen Door Screen Door
Screen Door Only
No Screen Door
Outer 3000
Inner 3000
Corner Type SQ
3000 Angle Door Short Hinge ~
3000 Angle Door Short Non-Hinge ~
Hinge Side LH
RO Hinge Min 48”
RO Hinge Max 10’
RO Non-Hinge Min 24”
(Short Angle Non-Hinge) 24”
RO Non-Hinge Max 5’
Hinge Type 3000 Hinge
Split Type SD, Single Door
Extrusion Color ML, Mill
BK, Black
WH, White
STGR, Stone Gray
Extrusion Gap for Panel 1.750” – 2.000”
Exterior Sheet See Color and Supplier List
Exterior Panel See Panel List
Foam 1.5” Foam
Interior Panel NONE
Interior Sheet/Coating See Color and Supplier List
Multi-Latch Checkbox
Seal #1 2664LAV
Seal #2 1153 Seal
Gas Strut GSTI1, Gas Strut, Top Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSBO0, Gas Strut Bracket Backer Only
Tube Frame Checkbox
Tube Thickness 1.000” x 1.500”
Air Solenoid Checkbox