725 Series

The 725 Series is a radius corner baggage door. It is easily mistaken for a 600 Series because of their similar look and feel; however, it is much thicker, sturdier, and more durable than the 600 Series door.

Available Options:

  • Hinge Locations
    • Side Hinge
    • Top Hinge
  • Hinge Types
    • Extruded Hinge
    • Continuous Hinge
  • Mill or Powder Coated Extrusion Finishes
  • Variety of Interior or Exterior Panels and Finishes Available
  • Single or Double Doors Available
  • Latch Styles
    • Key
    • Thumb
    • Finger Pull
    • Paddle Latches
    • Travel Trailer (Locking or Non-Locking)

The core thickness for this door is approximately 1.25″ thick. The outer extrusion is 2 1/8″ to accommodate a variety of wall thicknesses.

725 Series Specifications Sheet

Series 725 Series
Application / Type BAG
Outer 725
Inner 725
Corner Type RD
Hinge Side TH
RO Hinge Min 8”
RO Hinge Max 8’
RO Non-Hinge Min 8”
RO Non-Hinge Max RO Hinge * 200% up to 8’
Hinge Type Extruded Hinge
1.5” AL Continuous
1.5” SS Continuous
Hidden Hinge
3.25” AL Continuous, 22” Length
3.25” AL Continuous, 24” Length
3.25” AL Continuous, 36” Length
Split Type SD, Single Door
VS, Vertical Split
HS, Horizontal Split
Extrusion Color ML, Mill
BK, Black
WH, White
STGR, Stone Gray
CB, Champagne Beige
CR, Crème
Extrusion Gap for Panel 1.250”
Exterior Sheet See Color and Supplier List
Exterior Panel See Panel List
Foam See Foam List
Interior Panel See Panel List
Interior Sheet/Coating See Color and Supplier List
Metal Backer See Metal Backer List
Multi-Latch Checkbox
Latch 1 Qty. ~
Key Qty. ~
Thumb Qty. ~
Finger Pull Qty. ~
Seal #1 108 D-Seal
108W D-Seal
2692H3 / 54438H3
Gas Strut GSNO0, No Gas Strut
GSBO0, Gas Strut, Bracket Backer Only
GSTI1, Gas Strut, Top Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSTS1, Gas Strut Top Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSBI1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSBS1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSSS1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 2
GSSS2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 2
4 Corner Radius 4 Corner Standard
2 Corner Option
3-Sided Frame Checkbox