400 Series

The 400 Series is our most popular door line for Transit Buses because of the versatility and available options. This door can be manufactured as a single door or as a double door.

This is a heavier duty door featuring insulated doors and tube frame construction to withstand the constant daily use and allow you the option to customize the doors to your specifications in providing the functionality and appearance you’re looking for.

400 Series

Standard square entrance door where after installation the mounting screw heads are visible.

Available Options:

  • Single or Double Door
  • Various Size and Style Windows
  • Magnetic Switch for Open Door Chime Alert
  • Gas Struts
  • Mill or Painted Interior & Exterior Extrusions
  • Many Latch Styles Available Including
    • FMVSS
    • Travel Trailer
    • 3pt Bar
    • Rotary
  • Many Hinge Styles Available Including
    • Steel Continuous
    • Stainless Steel Continuous
    • 5 Part Hinge System
  • Durable Tube-Frame Construction
  • Interior and Exterior Skin Options Including
    • Painted Aluminum
    • Filon
    • Lamilux
    • Gel
    • Diamond Plating
    • Plastic
    • Lauan

400 Series Specifications Sheet

Series 400 Series
Application / Type ENT
GEN Note ~
Outer Sill Checkbox
Outer 400
Inner 405
Corner Type SQ
Hinge Side TH
RO Hinge Min 8”
RO Hinge Max 16’
RO Non-Hinge Min 8”
RO Non-Hinge Max RO Hinge * 200% up to 8’
Hinge Type 5-Part Aluminum
5-Part Stainless Steel
3” AL Continuous
3” SS Continuous
Weld On
Split Type SD, Single Door
DD, Double Door (50-50 Split)
CS, Custom Split
Split Sizes ~
Split Notes ~
Extrusion Color ML, Mill
BK, Black
WH, White
STGR, Stone Gray
Extrusion Gap for Panel 1.500”
Exterior Sheet See Color and Supplier List
Exterior Panel See Panel List
Foam See Foam List
Interior Panel See Panel List
Interior Sheet/Coating See Color and Supplier List
Multi-Latch Checkbox
Seal #1 None
109 D-Seal
Seal #2 No seal
.375” Closed Cell
.375” Open Cell
Seal #2 Continued 109 D-Seal
5243 Tall Bulb
Clean Seal 333
Gas Strut GSNO0, No Gas Strut
GSBO0, Gas Strut, Bracket Backer Only
GSTI1, Gas Strut, Top Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSTS1, Gas Strut Top Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSBI1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSBS1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSSS1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 2
GSSS2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 2
Screwcover Option SCN, None
Screwcover Option Continued SCP, Plastic Screwcover
SCA, Aluminum Screwcover
400 Gutter Checkbox
3-Sided Frame Checkbox
Tube Frame Checkbox
Tube Frame Thickness None
1.000 x 1.250
1.125 x 1.125
1.250 x 1.250
1.000 x 1.390
1.000 x 1.000
1.375 x 1.375 Heavy Wall
Wood Frame Checkbox
Vapor Checkbox
805 Trim Ring None
Threshold Options None
400 Threshold
900 Threshold