350 Series

This is our line of Concession Doors. These doors cover and protect the concession window on your unit.
The 350 Concession Door utilizes that same outer as the 301 Series and offers the rounded snap trim to cover the mounting screw heads.
There is versatility with the inner extrusion. It can accommodate two different panel thicknesses depending on your application – either 3/16″ or 1/2″.Latch Styles
  • Thumb Latches
  • Trigger Latches
  • Key Lock
The extrusions are available in mill finish or powder coated, and the panels are available in an array of colors.  As for the hinge, each series listed uses the continuous hinge.  This door has the ability to be used as a single panel door or can be used as a split door with a horizontal hinge for a fold-up marquee when the door is open. The split part of the door is generally made with Lexan in either clear or white.  Gas struts are also available to assist with holding the door in the open position. 

350 Series Specifications Sheet

Series 350 Series
Application / Type BAG
AWN (Plain Awning)
AWS (Awning Shelf)
AWM (Awning Marquee)
Outer 301
Innter 350
Corner Type SQ
Hinge Side TH
RO Hinge Min 10”
RO Hinge Max 16’
RO Non-Hinge Min 10”
RO Non-Hinge Max RO Hinge * 200% up to 8’
Hinge Type 301 Hinge
Split Type SD, Single Door
DD, Double Door
CS, Custom Split
Split Size ~
Split Notes ~
Split Material See List of All Sheet Materials
Extrusion Color ML, Mill
BK, Black
WH, White
STGR, Stone Gray
Extrusion Gap for Panel 0.188”
Exterior Sheet See Color and Supplier List
Exterior Panel See Panel List
Foam See Foam List
Interior Panel See Panel List
Interior Sheet/Coating See Color and Supplier List
Key Qty. ~
Thumb Qty. ~
Finger Pull Qty. ~
Seal #1 .25” Closed Cell
109 D-Seal
Seal #2 .375” Closed Cell
109 D-Seal
Gas Strut GSNO0, No Gas Strut
GSBO0, Gas Strut, Bracket Backer Only
GSTI1, Gas Strut, Top Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSTS1, Gas Strut Top Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSBI1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSBS1, Gas Strut, Bottom Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 1
GSSS1, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 1
GSSI2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Installed, Qty. 2
GSSS2, Gas Strut, Side Mount, Shipped Loose, Qty. 2
Screwcover Option SCN, None
SCP, Plastic Screwcover
SCA, Aluminum Screwcover
400 Gutter Checkbox
3-Sided Frame Checkbox
Flush Checkbox
805 Trim Ring None