360 Series

Batwing doors for a transit bus. These doors come with an electric opener option so the doors open with the push of a button.

360 Series Specifications Sheet

Series 360 Series
Application / Type ENT
Outer None
Innter 360 – 361 – 362
Corner Type SQ
Hinge Side LH
RH (Default)
RO Hinge Min 12”
RO Hinge Max 91”
RO Non-Hinge Min 28”
RO Non-Hinge Max 48”
Hinge Type Hex Pivot
Round Pivot
Split Type DD, Double Door (50-50 Split)
Extrusion Color AN, Siver Anodized
ML, Mill
BK, Black
WH, White
STGR, Stone Gray
Extrusion Gap for Panel ~
Exterior Sheet Not Applicable
Exterior Panel Not Applicable
Foam Not Applicable
Interior Panel Not Applicable
Interior Sheet/Coating Not Applicable
Latch 1 None
Butler Actuator
Customer Supplied
Seal #1 360 Seal Kit
Windows/Vents 0.125” Clear Tempered Glass
0.125” Smoke Tempered Glass